Are you looking for housing and care options for a senior family member?

Many people do not realize the correct level of care their loved one needs

Determining the needs and reviewing the options can be emotional and challenging. Often, families do not know where to begin, let alone what questions to ask.

To help you get started, we have provided this free Activity of Daily Living Assessment Survey to help determine which level of care is actually needed. (Independed, Assisted, Memory Care, Behavioral, Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing)

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This free service is offered by the caring staff of The Springs of Scottsdale. Call them at 480-941-9026 if you would like more information.

Please note your activities of daily living (ADL) score is only intended as a guide. Other considerations should also be considered when assessing the actual ADL needs. Your physician, trained clinician, or social worker may be able to provide further assistance.